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Reinventing Hope  End of Silence Album Art

Welcome to! This is your portal to the music and art of Ryan McGuire.

I recently released a full-length album "The End of Silence".  In the face of all conventional wisdom out there, I recorded and mixed this album myself at my home recording studio using common gear. Find it at CD Baby, Spotify, iTunes and many other fine digital distributors. 

Christian Alternative Rock

This album continues the themes of faith and Christianity that I explored in my first album "Reinventing Hope", but I chose a more consistently Alternative Rock style as I played with really cool plugins such as EZ Drummer, EZ Mix, Guitar Rig, POD Farm and Amplitube. I had a LOT of fun making this record! It's a combination of  Christian Rock and good old Alternative Pop/Rock. For those of you who enjoy traditional Christian Music and songs, this album will come with many surprises as I bridge the gap between Worship Music and Alternative Rock. Many of the tracks you will hear on the End of Silence are reflections on the "dark night of the soul" during and after the fact, which seems absent from the mainstream of Christian pop/rock music. In most gospel songs, you get fairly happy-go-lucky melodies that speak lyrically about praising God, the awesomeness of God, or about generally being lost then found. In much of the christian hard rock and metal world, you get melancholy or angry music that laments or even anathematizes brokenness. This is where my Alternative Christian Rock bridges the gap!

My music aims to be the peacemaker: being honest and even metaphorically detailed about brokenness, while at the same time keeping one eye firmly planted on the hope that keeps me going. Both show up in just about every song.

Check out the album notes page for breakdowns of each song on the new album.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the music and please visit my Spotify and Apple music pages and follow my band profile for the latest music. I'll be back updating the site regularly with new tidbits and blog posts. Hope to see you here again soon!