Music Mastering

What is Audio Mastering? Audio mastering is the final step in creating your best quality work. It combines three basic elements: EQ, compression, and limiting to bring your music up the commercial level you desire.  Mastering gives your music clarity and separation, punch and shimmer.

But one of the toughest questions an artist has to grapple with is whether or not to have their music mastered professionally. Do you throw a limiter on the mix-buss until it sounds about right? Do you do some boosts and cuts with an EQ? Or maybe some compression, then call it a day?

The thing is, even great recordings will sound better when guided meticulously through the audio mastering process. There are particular and peculiar techniques that Mastering Engineers use to get music to sound the way it does, and I have spent countless hours learning this trade. As I work with you, I am happy to share the techniques that I use to master your music.

The reason I've taken time to learn audio mastering techniques is that I wanted my music to sound professional, but I couldn't afford to send it out to a professional studio for mastering and I wasn't happy with the results of the automated mastering services. 

I love to help people, and I love to get music sounding it's best.

So here's my proposition:

1. Share a song you've recently mixed with me. To get the best results, make sure it's an unprocessed 24-bit WAV files, and at least 44.1khz. Use google drive, drop box or simply email it directly to me at ryan @ levityproject dot com
2. I will master the song for you and send it back within a day or two as a 16-bit 44.1khz wav file.

You can do this even if you did all of the recording and mixing on your iPhone. Just use your email app to send me the file and I'll take it from there! Even if all you have is an mp3 for me to master, I will work with it to give you the best possible results!

Compare my master of your song with a cloud-based mastered version, and see which one you like better!