Mastering Shootout Revealed

Master #1 
Self Master. I mastered this to DR8 and -1.0 dbFS. I used stock Reaper Plugins, Free Melda Plugins as well as Limiter No6. This is the loudest possible Master I would create in terms of 'squishing the Dynamic Range'. Any Louder than DR8 seems to add far too much distortion, and even at this loudness there is still some audible distortion. A better limiter could help with this.

Master #2 - The surprising thing about Mastering Box is that it's not terrible. However, there is waaaaay too much low end. The master was on the hot end of DR8. There was also a lot of bass distortion, and it's scooped in the mids.

Master #3 
This was LANDR high intensity. Overall, slightly underwhelming and scooped in the mids. It was also on the hot side of DR8. 

Master #4 
Professional Master by John Scrip of Massive Mastering.  It was mastered very hot - DR7. But has good tonal balance.

Master #5
 AAMS. This was by far the worst of the bunch. Very dark, and lifeless.