Mastering Samples

in each sample, the first 15-20 seconds is the raw mix (with basic normalization). Then there is a short gap followed by 15-20 seconds of the fully mastered mix. Each of the three songs below I independently recorded, mixed and mastered. I broke every single rule of (supposedly) what not to do in home recording (Recorded in bad rooms, mixed on headphones, mixed in poorly treated rooms, and used only free plugins) and came out the other side! Take a listen .....

Raynie Gervais & Ken Mierke

"Crazy Creek"

Rob Harrah Feat. Melissa Marks

Levity Project - Disappear Sample

Levity Project - I Believe (Sample)

Levity Project - Our Father (Sample)

Like what you hear? Why not give my Mastering service a try? I'll even master your first track free!

Or maybe you are asking: Can't I just put some EQ, compression and limiting on the master buss myself and fiddle around until it sounds "radio ready"? First off, there is no such thing as "radio ready". Radio stations (and even Spotify and Apple music) use limiting and compression algorithms to make sure that every piece of music played through their service is the same perceived loudness. The new reality is that having a more dynamic mix is is BETTER than having a loud and squashed mix!

So the answer to if DYI Mastering is possible: Yes, and no. It depends. Do you know what you are doing? if not, you can do extreme and irreparable damage to your songs!! Yes, I am trying to convince you that you need me to master your songs, but it is the honest truth that not knowing what you are doing can really harm your music. Check out the samples again and listen to how the second part of each is clearer, opened up, balanced, and crisp with a defined and tight low end. The improvement from the mix is nothing short of dramatic.