Music Production

I would love to work with you on your next project, no matter the style! My Mission: To help you get the best possible sound out of your recorded tracks (even if all you have is a single $100 condenser mic and some software)!

There are literally millions of home recording forum posts on all sorts of aspects of mixing and production, however NONE of them are specific to YOUR needs. I have been around the home recording forum scene for a very long time, and I can say with confidence that while there is a lot of great information out there, most of it is difficult if not impossible to put into practice because it isn't personalized.

So I can give you professional advice, professional mixes PLUS I can play a wide variety of instruments (guitar, bass, drums, ukelele, keys). I am also a master slicer and dicer. Do you have a bass player who took 8 takes to get it right, and even then they were slightly off the beat? No problem! I can fix that.

Mixing Desk

Part of my service to you is that I can also re-track parts of your song as needed and as requested. I use a focustrite audio interface, and I have a stack of great microphones and wonderful instruments at my disposal, including:


A Larivee D40 acoustic Guitar

Bass guitars by ibanez and Fender

A Customized Fender Telecaster

A Customized Fender Strat HSS (my favourite electric guitar to play)


A modded Apex 460 tube. I used to hate this microphone and it's nasty 10khz sizzle. Then I modded it. Now it's dreamy, creamy and WOW!

Rhode NT1

Sure SM58 and 57s

MXL 990/991

Mixing Environment

I mix on a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 pros. I know them very, very well.

Focusrite VRM box to check the mix in a variety of environments

Various other headphones and consumer speakers. I check mixes often on a variety of playback systems to ensure compatibility.

Alesis M1 Actives - Tuned to the mixing environment

Custom Bass Trapping and Sound Absorption

If you would like me to mix or produce a track for you - send me an email. ryan @

I love helping people, and I would love to help you with one of your songs for FREE. I'm serious! If you have a single, and want to see what it could sound like professionally mixed (or mastered), I can do that for you, and I will not charge you a dime. Of course, I need to make a living so I can only do this once per customer.

Before you close this page, think about this:

You retain all of the copyright, mechanical rights, performance rights, distribution rights and all other rights to your music. That means I will never sell your music for profit, and I will not put your music up for promotional material unless you give me permission.

In the spirit of giving clients the most bang for your buck as possible, you get the following with my service:

    1. A professional, tight sounding mix that is ready for mastering
    2. performances that are significantly tighter that the originals (where needed)
    3. re-tracked parts or parts added in wherever needed.

It's important to keep in mind that a final mix is not the same as a final master. The techniques that I use to get your mix up to commercial viability will serve to make your mix master-ready. For a full mastering treatment of your song, consider my mastering service! If you get your song mixed with me, I highly recommend that you use a different person for mastering. The more "objective ears" you have on your music, the better! However, if money is tight or you are happy to have me master a track for you, I am more than happy to do it! But remember, a final mix is not meant to be *the* final version of your song.

Mastering is the process finalizing your mix for distribution. And in the case of a collection of songs, mastering is the process of finding the 'center of gravity' in all of the songs and gluing them all together into one cohesive whole. If you are planning to distribute your album via CD, mastering also includes something called DDP. This is a file that contains all of your tracks, with proper spacing between tracks, as well as ISRC codes embedded right into the tracks. A CD manufacturer will take your DDP image and be able to mass duplicate it without errors.

When I give you samples of your mix, I will apply some limiting and loudness maximization just so that you can crank the mix. But I highly advise my clients to wait until the mastering stage to sweeten up your mix.

The approach that I take to mixing is to mix with mastering in mind. I do not use limiters, compression or EQ on my mix buss. I leave this to the mastering stage so that the mastering engineer can work with the dynamics and balance of the song to transparently and effectively bring the mix up to commercial viability. If you like what you hear and would like me to mix more of your songs, or if you want to take it the next step and let me do some production, read on ...

The internet gives us a wonderful platform to use, and I will step you through the process of submitting tracks you have recorded for mixing. I will help you to get the best possible sound out of your recorded tracks (even if all you have is a single $100 condenser mic)!