End of silence - Disappear

Post date: Sep 12, 2016 9:54:57 AM

I choose to rely heavily on metaphors and symbols in my lyrics, which can make them sometimes hard to decipher. I think the key to understanding my metaphorical style is to be intentional about thinking symbolically and creatively about the words. There is an internal logic to the lyrics, but it's sometimes hidden across several lines. In the song "Disappear", I meander between speaking about conflict, placing "markers in the "sand", "marking out a struggle", "finding our way out of here" and then love winning out over hate. Take a listen ...

Thinking literally, one might imagine a person placing things along a beach or something. I intentionally confuse the metaphor with an image of a mountain in the video, but it works symbolically. Thinking symbolically, one might imagine that these markers are really memories of events along the journey of a life that has seen many ups and downs. The events mark out not a path, but a legacy of struggle "to find a better way", and that better way is the way of Love, which is typified in Jesus. And the sand/mountain thing is a loose nod to a Biblical idea about dust. Mountains, people, animals, money, anything we think we can hold on to is dust. It will all slip away eventually; but love will remain.

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