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I get it. Mastering with a pro can be expensive. That's why on my most recent album, I decided to just do it myself (against all of the wisdom out there). Of course, it took me 8 years to figure it out! Now that I've done the work, I want to pass on what I know to you at the best value possible. Sure, you can go ahead and spend upwards of a thousand bucks at other studios, or you can spend ten bucks to get some online algorithm mastering. That's a pretty big discrepancy, and mastering is too important a task to not get done properly. And it includes much more than changing the sound. There's DDP creation, ISRC codes, loudness management and even de-compression!

That's why audio gurus almost always recommend that recording musicians get their music mastered by a third party. But with so many options, and so many claims to "we will make your music sound amazing", how are you to choose?

So here's what I'm offering. One song, completely mastered, FREE! You literally have nothing to lose! And after that, I will master tracks for as little as $9.99 ... Canadian dollars. That means if you live in the US or UK, you automatically get a 30% to 50% discount! Now that's a sweet deal on mastering! It's not just inexpensive, it's amazing value. But the proof will be in the product.

I did a bunch of blind testing on the online mastering services, and I found that I wasn't ultimately happy with the results. My masters translate better to all playback systems, are punchier and have more clarity. Since I love helping people, I would love to master a song for you for FREE. I'm serious! If you have a single, and want to see what it could sound like professionally mastered I can do that for you, and I will not charge you a dime.

My Mastering Services are Satisfaction Guarenteed

Here's my satisfaction guarantee: your song or spoken word will not only sound better than when you sent it, I guarantee that it will sound better than the competition in the same price point. Your song will also be mastered to a competitive loudness level without clipping or distortion.

My Mastering service includes adjusting fades at the beginning and end of the track, EQ balancing, width adjustment, compression, and loudness maximizing. It sounds simple, but it makes a HUGE difference. Another part of audio mastering is balancing a collection of tracks together so that they feel like a cohesive whole. This is another part of my service which you can also get from the pros, but which the automated services lack. I also offer additional services in click, pop, crackle and clipping repair, as well as noise reduction. These are all part of my standard low rates! My ultimate goal here is to give you excellent value for your money.

The turnaround for most projects is 1-10 days. The smaller the project, and the better the mix, the quicker the turnaround will be.

I am a lover of music, spoken word and podcasts.

I can master Folk, Jazz, Electronica, EDM, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Metal, Pop, Acoustic, Bluegrass, Celtic, Reggae, Gospel, Contemporary Worship, Orchestral, Choral, cover songs, and your podcast! You name it, I can do it!

To utilize my service, Read the agreement contract and submit this form.

Then all you need is a google drive, drop box, or a microsoft one drive account. I prefer google drive, but I can work with whatever you have.

  1. Upload a single stereo 24-bit WAV file of your song to google drive, dropbox or whatever file sharing service you use. I can accept sample rates up to 96khz, but prefer either 44.1khz, 48khz or 88.2khz.
  2. Share the file with ryan (at) levityproject dot com
  3. Send a corresponding email that includes the following info:
    • your name
    • band name
    • style of music
    • bands you sound like (you can even link to a youtube video of a sound you are shooting for)
    • Desired loudness level. This is tricky, and it depends on what you are going for. I can master to pretty well whatever loudness you want. The best plan is to give me an idea of a specific track you would compare your music with loudness level-wise, and I will make it that loud. But there is one caveat: I will not "clip" your audio, or make it so loud that sounds crunched and distorted, unless you want me to!
  4. List any major issues with the recording that need to be fixed. I can fix noise, clicks, pops, etc.
  5. I will master the track, and send a folder back to you between 1 and 5 days with a HQ 24-bit wave file (up to 96khz sample rate) you can use for youtube, A CD Quality WAV file you can use for creating CDs and a 320kbps Quality MP3 you can put into your iPod or whatever you use.

My integrity is very important. I will not sell, distribute or otherwise do anything to your music except master your songs and return them to you.


If you want me to continue with your project after the free master, Click here for my rates