Mastering Rates

Music Mastering

I charge a flat rate per track of $40 with discounts depending on the number of tracks you want mastered. This service includes Equalization, Compression, Loudness Maximization, Width adjustment, adjusting fades, removing clicks and pops, Sample Rate Conversion, Dithering, DDP image creation, data input (ISRC codes and barcode if you have them), as well as information on how to register your works with various performance rights groups.

Is your budget lower, or are all of your song tracks similar in tone? I can work with you! Consider my discount audio mastering service, where I apply similar settings on each of your tracks. The cost for this service is $20 per track, with further discounts depending on the number of tracks. Or, you can go for my ultra discount mastering service, which is an incredible $10 per track! Don't ask how I am able to do this, but you will love the results.

For additional processing: noise removal, click, pop, crackle and audio restoration services on music there is no additional charge at this time.

Podcast Mastering

Standard mastering rate for podcasts is $50 per episode. This includes cutom EQ, edits, compression, loudness management and perfectly timed integration of intro music.

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With each mastering session, the final audio Master files are tested to ensure that no digital or analogue clipping is happening inside your Master. With the CD and HD quality wave files, I specially set them so that they can be safely converted to any audio format of your choice with minimal to no digital clipping. Note: If you convert the Mp3 files to other formats, you may create digital clipping.

Regular Production/Mixing Rates

$1400 -$1,600 for 8-11 tracks

$200 per track (1st time customers get the first track free)

** Discounts reset after 11th track.

** Discounts are applied on a PER PROJECT basis.

Discount Production/Mixing Rates

Discounted production rates are for songs with three or less elements (i.e. singer/guitar, singer/piano)

$50 per track

11th track is free

1st track is also free for first time customers

Regular Mastering Rates (Full Service)

$40 Per track

10th and 11th tracks are free

1st track is Free for first time customers

Custom Mastering for Duplication

Includes HQ 320CBR kbps Mp3 Samples, DDP image creation for duplication and/or 16-bit Wav Files plus data input (ISRC codes), information on registering with performance rights groups + information on US/Canadian copyright registration of works, and information on obtaining ISRC and Barcodes.

Includes 24-bit HQ Wav files, or flac audio files upon request at no additional charge

Discount Mastering Rates

$20 Per track

Custom Mastering

Includes 16-bit wav Files delivered electronically

HQ 24-bit Wav Files are an additional $10 per track.

HQ Mp3 files are an additional $5 per track

ULTRA discount Mastering Rates

$10 Per track Flat rate

Meant for soundcloud/youtube mp3 self-distribution


Includes 320kbps HQ mp3 Files delivered electronically

16-bit Wave Files are an additional $5 each

24-bit WAV Files or FLAC are an additional $5 each

If you are not happy with the results, I recommend that you remix your tracks and try again (I won't charge you if you aren't happy with the results).

Be sure to add any instructions as to which file-types you would like with your mastering (i.e. 16-bit WAV, 16-bit FLAC, 24-bit WAV etc).

If you are ready to roll, Read the agreement contract and submit this form.

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I have created two options for you to Pay for my full mastering service. The 1-pass service is "try before you buy" only.

  1. TRADITIONAL DEPOSIT STYLE: Pay a 50% refundable deposit at the commencement of the mastering session, and then once you are satisfied with the results, pay the remaining 50%.
  2. PAY LATER: I will give samples of your masters. If you are satisfied, pay for the entire cost of the mastering session up-front at the end of the session. At this time, the Pay later option is for returning clients only.